Dice Will Decide Tied Election

Platte, South Dakota has a unique way they are picking the next mayor of the town that ended in a tie between the two candidates, by luck of the draw. This Thursday the candidates will gather at Platte’s City Hall meeting room and both candidates, Steve Christensen and […]

High School has ‘Anti-Gay Day’

A Pennsylvania high school is in serious trouble after some students took part in a anti-gay day. A group of students in matching flannel shirts slapped posters full of anti-gay and hate speech on gay students’ lockers and drafted a “lynch list” of gay students. Claysville’s McGuffey High […]

Graham : 91% Certain to Run

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) told Fox News on Sunday that he is “91 percent sure” to join the already crowded GOP primary for president but made it clear to viewers that he needs money and lots of it before he would forgo a presidential run. Senator Graham […]