SEN-MI: Peters Lead Widens

A new poll released today by EPIC-MRA poll in Michigan finds that Democratic candidate Gary Peters is leading Republican Terri Lynn Land in the U.S Senate race by six points, 45% to 39%. While the race is not critical for the GOP’s quest to win a majority in […]

GOV-PA: Landslide Race of 2014

Out of all the state wide races featuring an incumbent this fall, no candidate is in more trouble than Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R).  A new Franklin & Marshall poll in Pennsylvania finds Tom Wolf (D) with a 25-point lead over GOV. Tom Corbett (R), 49% to 24%. […]

McDaniel to Contest GOP Primary Results

“The tea party-backed lawmaker defeated by U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in Mississippi’s Republican primary said Monday that he has formally challenged the election’s outcome with the state GOP.” “State Sen. Chris McDaniel filed the challenge with the Mississippi GOP state executive committee over Cochran’s June 24 runoff victory, […]