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Rick Perry 2.0

Governor Rick Perry is working hard to redeem himself after a very awful campaign for the GOP nomination in 2012, which at times got down right hilarious (Youtube “Rick Perry Oops”). The Washington Post is out with an interesting piece on how Rick Perry is trying to reinvent […]

Ben Carson will run for President

Ben Carson (R) announced earlier this week that he was switching his political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican (not that he has sounded like a Democrat ever since landing in the public eye on FoxNews). Today he became the first Republican to declare his intentions to run […]

White Males the Deciding Vote

For all the talk that female voters would determine who would control Congress, it wasn’t even close as male voters were the decisive vote on Tuesday. Via First Read: “Over the past few cycles, we’ve talked so much about the Latino vote, African Americans, female voters. But the […]

Math Against Begich in Alaska

Much like the math wasn’t in favor of the GOP in Virginia, the math isn’t looking good for Senator Begich (D). Numbers released by Alaska elections officials Wednesday morning show that incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich would have to win a substantial majority of the uncounted absentee […]