Category: General Election Updates

Bloomberg Serious About 2016 

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (2002-2013) made it public today for the first time that he is considering a 2016 presidential run as an independent. “I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters,” Bloomberg told […]

Conway Leading in Kentucky

In the race to see who will become the next governor of the Bluegrass state, Democrat Jack Conway still leads Republican Matt Bevin by 5% in the latest Bluegrass Poll as the race enters the final month before Election Day. Independent candidate Drew Curtis is polling at 7%, […]

Grim News for Rand Paul

It is no secret that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign isn’t going so well and two mediocre debate performances have done little to help his slowly dying campaign. Politico is now reporting that one of the three super PACs that is keeping Rand’s presidential campaign afloat has stopped raising […]

Gillespie For Governor?

Bearing Drift is reporting that former RNC Chairman and U.S Senate candidate Ed Gillespie will indeed run for governor of Virginia, a contest that won’t take place until 2017. At first glance running a failed U.S Senate candidate might not be Republicans best choice but the GOP bench […]

Are They Serious or Just Flirting?

The Washington Post is out with a great article on how many politicians are currently flirting with a presidential bid. Just yesterday, Independent U.S Senator and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders entered the race as a Democrat. There are over twenty current politicians flirting with a possible bid for […]