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Brandon Meyers

19 | Ludlow High School Grad 2k13 | Gateway C&T College | Once A Soldier, Always A Soldier | Xbox 360 | Aquarius | Catholic | 4-2-2014

Steven Gerrard to MLS’ LA Galaxy

Recently it’s been noted the Liverpool Footballer has not retired from the sport but just from international play. This move to MLS is huge for the U.S. And the league. By receiving these big name European soccer stars the MLS is gaining hype on the world stage. Maybe […]

Army vs Navy Football

Today is the traditional Army v Navy game. 115 years of tradition, honor, dedication, and respect between the two teams. This will be a hard fought physical and mental battle between both teams. On that note Go Army, Beat Navy!

NGA US Military Based Articles

This is a short and sweet intro to what is to come on Next Generation America. Here on NGA you all have seen US Politics and International news. Well now we bring you topics based off the United States Military and what is going on with the troops, […]