The Alabama State Flag.

The Alabama State Flag.

Alabama State Information

Electoral Votes : 9

Population : 4.85 million

Area : 52,419 sq miles (135,765 km²)

GDP : $165.80 billion USD

Capital : Montgomery

State Website :

Register to Vote : Click Here

Alabama joined the Union in December 1819 and has participated in all elections from 1820 onward, the exception being the election of 1864 because of its secession from the Union during the Civil War. Alabama, like most other southern states, used to be a strong Democratic stronghold from Reconstruction through the 1960’s. Dixiecrats were always historically more conservative than northern and western Democrats, eventually causing a split and resulting in many voters to switch over to the Republican Party. Alabama is now a safe Republican stronghold, voting for Democrats only in the 1968 and 1976 presidential election. Alabama since the 1972 election has remained at 9 electoral votes and will remain at 9 until at least 2020. Romney won Alabama by 22% in 2012.

State Political Trend
Based on past elections and recent polling data, ALABAMA is TRENDING

Elected Statewide Officials
Governor: Robert Bentley (R)
Lt. Governor: Kay Ivey (R)
U.S Senate
Senior U.S Senator: Richard Shelby (R)
Junior U.S Senator: Jeff Sessions (R)
U.S. House of Representatives
CD-1: Bradley Byrne (R)
CD-2: Martha Roby (R)
CD-3: Mike D. Rogers (R)
CD-4: Robert B. Aderholt (R)
CD-5: Mo Brooks (R)
CD-6: Gary Palmer (R)
CD-7: Terri A. Sewell (D)

Past Presidential Election Results

2012: Republican Victory (ROMNEY)

2008: Republican Victory (McCain)

2004: Republican Victory (BUSH)

2000: Republican Victory (BUSH)

1996: Republican Victory (DOLE)

1992: Republican Victory (BUSH)

1988: Republican Victory (BUSH)

1984: Republican Victory (REAGAN)

1980: Republican Victory (REAGAN)

1976: Democratic Victory (CARTER)

1972: Republican Victory (NIXON)

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