2016 Presidential Race

Who Will Be Next Face Of GOP?

If Trump loses on November 8th will be still be the face of the GOP going forward?

If Trump loses on November 8th will be still be the face of the GOP going forward?

The election is quickly approaching and in each passing day it is becoming more clear that Republican nominee Donald J. Trump is headed for defeat. His path to 270 electoral votes continues to get harder for him as polls in usually safe red states like Arizona, Utah, North Carolina and Texas, show a close race between him and Hillary Clinton. If indeed Trump does lose like all creditable election projection sites are predicting, who will lead Republicans after losing a third consecutive presidential election?

A new Bloomberg poll asked 404 registered Republican voters who they would want leading the Republican Party if Hillary Clinton wins on November 8th. The results are shocking, mainly because a large block of Republicans plan to still stay loyal to the Trump brand.


Republican primary voters strongly backed Donald Trump for the presidential nomination, but the party is far less sure if it wants him to lead the GOP if he loses in November.
When asked in the latest Bloomberg Politics poll who should be the face of the party nationally in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory, likely voters who are or lean Republican splintered down a list of five options.
A plurality, 27 percent, picked vice presidential nominee Mike Pence. Trump got 24 percent, ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz at 19 percent, House Speaker Paul Ryan at 15 percent, and Ohio Governor John Kasich at 10 percent.

Bloomberg also polled Democrats and asked them who they would want leading the party if Trump wins the White House. The poll finds Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat, with Elizabeth Warren not too far behind in third.