2016 Presidential Race

RNC To Rewrite Convention Rules


The Republican National Committee is preparing to debate a proposal within the next week that would shift the balance of power at this summer’s convention. RNC officials are considering imposing a new rulebook for selecting the party’s nominee. The rewrite will no doubt be one that will work to deny Donald Trump the nomination, who is likely to fall just short of the delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot because of Anti-Trump groups recent success at aiding Ted Cruz to victory. Senator Cruz might not benefit from the rule change though, a lot in the Republican Party have only a slightly better opinion about him over Donald Trump. The moves would only aid John Kasich if the RNC strikes down the rule where the GOP nominee must win multiple states; Kasich has only won Ohio and is unlikely to win another state.

News of this comes just days before the New York primary where Donald Trump is positioned to win his home state in a landslide victory. John Kasich is in a very distant second place and Ted Cruz is paying for his “New York values” comment he made back in the winter. The biggest change the RNC will likely consider is whether party insiders will be able to draft a “white knight” candidate if Trump fails to win on the first ballot and the GOP establishment turns away from Ted Cruz.