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An Open Letter to Residents of Mercer, Darke, Miami, Montegomery, Preble, and Butler Counties in District 8 and Ohio

In every case of election fraud by officials during the 2016 Presidential Primaries, none have been so disastrous as the mess we saw in Arizona. Voters in Maricopa County, with a population of over 4 million, waited in line for hours even after polling closed and thousands were denied the right to vote. Republican County Recorder Helen Purcell reduced the number of polling station from 200 in the last election cycle to 60, that’s one polling station for every 20,833 eligible voters.

A reporter said to her, “Just to start, obviously you’ve heard of all the frustration. Who is to blame for this, these long lines?” Here is her response: “Well, the voters for getting in line, maybe us for not having enough voting places.” It is disgusting that someone could have the nerve to blame voters for this fiasco. There is no way you could me or anyone else that is logical or fair, or a simple mistake, when Pima County with less than 1 million residents had over twice as many polling stations as Maricopa County.

The long wait lines are not the worst of it. Someone changed voters’ registration records all over the state. Arizona is a closed primary state, meaning if residents changed their mind last minute about who they think deserves their vote, they still have to choose from their affiliated party when they get to the polling station. In Ohio, we can request whichever ballot we want to on election days. When thousands of Arizonans discovered that their party had been changed without their knowledge they had to vote on provisional ballots that would not be counted. Most of these illegal changes were made from those who switched from the Republican and Independent parties to the Democratic Party. Of the two Democratic candidates, only one is an establishment candidate in the position to fear swing voters. The other has publicly stated many times that he would pass legislation to guarantee all citizens the right to vote, whether or not they vote for an opposing party or candidate, he believes all people should be able to exercise their rights. Every right. How could we be given fair representation when the basic foundation of our Democracy is tampered with?

Alisa Wolf videotaped her experience at the Pima County Recorder’s Office and it has gone viral. When she told and office worker that she had come to find out why she was denied her legal right to vote Alisa was told that the last time she had filled out a voter registration form it was filled out as no party, effectively making her ineligible to vote. But there is one enormous problem with that. This was a second form filled out by an anonymous agent after Alisa had filled out the real form. Any changes to the original form Alisa and thousands of others had filed would have had to be sent to directly to the party. Alisa was shown the second form and discovered that the signature of it had been directly copied and forged from the ONLY registration form she had submitted. This is worse than Watergate.

A commenter on Reddit noted how his father with a heart condition waited in line for 3 hours and in the end he was turned away. Witness accounts say an elderly woman passed out in line and when she refused to leave only then did they finally bring a ballot out to her so she could go home. In Troy, Ohio I had no line at all.  For goodness sakes, I tried fried mushrooms for the first time and chowed down on homemade fudge after I cast my ballot. But just as I was able to vote with no hindrance, that is not a guarantee that future elected officials from county, House, and Senate will not reduce the number of our polling stations to manipulate the outcome of elections. My lack of a wait and the warm community greeting I had was given to me by previous Ohioans fought for my right to vote. I’m not a property owner so I am glad they did. Unfortunately, the establishment warped our congressional districts after the last redistricting to make sure corporate interests come before the people. The worst such case is District 9 which is just the coastline of Lake Erie.

We stood together last November to outlaw this, although it will not change until after the 2020 census results are released. We need to stand together again and vote for officials at every level who have vowed to ensure the health, safety, quality of life and all constitutionally given rights, even to the constituents who belong to an opposing or third party.

Helen Purcell, the county recorder responsible for thousands being denied the right to vote, is a longtime friends of the Clintons. Her late husband worked directly for Bill Clinton as Lieutenant Governor in Arkansas. It is no surprise the old establishment got back together this year. She may be a Republican and they may be Democrat, but members of both parties from local to federal have been bought by the credit card companies, Wall Street, mortgage lenders as well as the Koch brother and many others with just one thing in common: they spend millions every year to send their lobbyists to D.C. in mass so that legislation can be passed that allows them to squeeze every dollar out of the people as they can.

What’s worse still is Citizens United, created by the largest businesses and the politicians they bought. It allows the largest financial intuitions to spend unlimited amounts of money during each election cycle. CU lets the wealthy form “Super PACs” which are organizations that they can funnel millions of dollars through to promote their own interests. They are effectively allowed to buy as many mayors, city boards officials, House Representatives, Senators, Governors, Presidents and anyone else running for any type of elected office that they want to. The Koch brothers alone will spend more money this year buying candidates than the Democratic or Republican parties combined. Only one presidential candidate from both the Democratic and Republican parties, Bernie Sanders, has promised to overturn Citizen’s United so that the bottom 99% of our country don’t have to compete essentially against money and corporate interest.

The two Koch brothers are the largest funders of the American Legislation Exchange Council which exchanges representation from the citizens to corporate CEOs. ALEC can change local laws anywhere as well as state and federal. From law’s meant to curb how much plastic enters our local rivers, lakes and stream to forcing the Federal Government to hand nature preserves over to states where bought officials intend to sell the land to corporations who remove mountaintops, pump hundreds of thousands tons of chemicals deep into the ground to blow it up with pressure. Native Americans have been forced out of their homes in the 21st Century due to the reservations being sold to corporations without their consent or with forced consent. There is a never ending list of millions of Americans’ livelihoods, of all races and backgrounds, that have been destroyed due to wealthy elite (which is 1% of the population and has more than half the wealth that the bottom 99% has), corporations and their masses of lobbyists.

What is most pressing for all District 8 residents is the Special Election on June 7th that will elect a candidate to serve for the rest of this year, the remainder of Boehner’s term that he retired from last October. The same two candidates, Republican Warren Davidson and Democrat Corey Foister, will also be one the ballot this November to serve as our representative to Congress in 2017 and 2018. The Establishment has hushed up this Special Election to make sure big money can steal another representative from us. Club for Growth PAC and the Club for Growth Action, created by the Koch brothers, already spent more than a whopping 1 million on Warren Davidson before the March primaries. On the other hand, Corey Foister is not for sale! In the event that he wins the Special Election and the next one in November, Disctrict 8 will have someone who has vowed to represent all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other members of third parties who live here, not the billionaire class.

With the prevalence of election fraud and corrupted state governments that curtail residents’ ability to vote (and live a decent life), the same outcome poll taxes and literacy tests had, it is time for the American people to be given a Voter’s Bill of Rights. Obviously these extensions on the Voting Rights Act have not been enough. If any person is a citizen and is of legal age they should automatically be registered to vote and their vote should always be counted. We need a solid legal binding document to outright entitle us to vote for anyone we want to, regardless of political affiliation. The Founders knew their task of building the Nation would not end when they died, we have the duty and obligation to fight for our rights just as they did, and so will every generation to come.

We need to take our Democracy back from corrupt politicians and back from the wealthy elite. American does not belong to 1% of the country, it belongs to all of us.


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