2016 Presidential Race

Trump Doubling Down In Ohio

All eyes on Ohio this Tuesday.

All eyes on Ohio this Tuesday.

The Trump campaign announced this morning that he is canceling events planned in Florida on Monday so that he can remain in Ohio in the final day leading up to Super Tuesday 2.0. Trump will now hold a rally in Youngstown tomorrow instead of traveling to Florida. The move confirms what most public opinion polls have been showing for the past few weeks, the only state that will likely prevent Donald Trump from sweeping on Tuesday is Ohio. Governor John Kasich, who has yet to win a state, is counting on his home state to come through for him. Katich has already made it clear that he will drop out of the race if he fails to carry Ohio.

A new NBC News poll finds Gov. Kasich leading Trump by six points, 39% to 33%. While a CBS poll today shows Kasich and Trump both tied in Ohio at 33% of support. Polling in Florida suggest that Trump will headed for a blow out win and Rubio is endanger of falling into third place in his home state. Little polling has been conducted in Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri but by default Trump is the favorite in all three states. Ohio will likely decide on Tuesday if Trump will get enough delegates for the nomination or if Cleveland will host an insane convention fight this summer.