2016 Presidential Race

Sanders Ahead Of Clinton In Illinois


A new CBS News/YouGov Survey in Illinois finds a very close race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the final hours before Tuesday’s vote. Sanders is leading Clinton by two points in the state, 48% to 46%. In Ohio, Clinton is ahead of Sanders, 52% to 43%. Clinton dominates Sanders in Florida, 62% to 34% in the sunshine state. On the Republican side, Trump is dominating in all states but Ohio, which finds Governor Kasich ahead.

More from CBS News:

In Ohio, Kasich does well among voters who feel the economy is in good shape, but Trump is leading among those who feel the state’s economy is bad. And key for Kasich is that his approval rating as governor is extremely high — 80 percent among Republican primary voters — and he is seen by voters as prepared to be president, more so than Trump. That lets Kasich keep his home-state edge, unlike Rubio in Florida, where GOP primary voters are split on his performance as a U.S. Senator. In Florida, Rubio also is hampered by comparably low numbers of voters who see him as prepared to be President.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a big lead in Florida, 62 percent to 34 percent, and a smaller lead in Ohio, 52 to 43. But Bernie Sanders leads narrowly in Illinois, 48 to 46, coming off his surprise win in Michigan last week/blockquote>

While leading in Illinois is no doubt good news for Sanders, it likely won’t help him much in the delegate count that is being dominated by Hillary Clinton thanks to super delegates. Sanders is going to need to make significant inroads in another state within the next 48 hours or at least hope that his margin of victory is larger than two points in Illinois.

As for Kasich, he doesn’t have to worry about the margin of victory in Ohio since the state is winner-takes-all. For him, the question still remains, where does he go next? Can he mount a serious bid to steal Pennsylvania from Trump? At this point the only thing Kasich and Rubio can hope for is to steal enough delegates from Trump to stop him from clinching the division. Cruz has a very small chance to overcome Trump but he is going to have to start winning a lot more states. North Carolina and Missouri would be a great start at turning the tide but odds are against him winning anything on Tuesday.