2016 Presidential Race

Trump vs. The Clintons

Donald Trump has done a stellar job at defying all politically logic. Since his enterance into the crowded GOP primary, he has remained at the top of all national polling since July. Fiorina, Carson and Rubio all at one point represented a threat to Trump’s unorthodox campaign but each time Trump somehow found a way to insult, yell and present enough insane comments to help him bunt the momentum of his opponents. He is currently locked in a tight battle with Ted Cruz in Iowa, current polls find Ted Cruz barely winning against the Donald. Trump’s true test is yet to come but he is already giving us a preview how he is going to go after Hillary Clinton, by attacking her popular husband. 

“Well, I don’t want to say it’s a threat. But it is a threat. She’s married to an abuser. A woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things.”
– Donald Trump, in an interview with ️Meet The Press on January 10, 2016.

It is no secret that one of Donald Trump’s biggest advantages in the GOP race is his ability to campaign whenever he wants and doesn’t have to worry about fundraising thanks to his personal wealth. He also has the biggest name ID out of all the GOP candidates, even people who don’t follow politics know Mr. Trump. It also helps that his outlandish comments attract  instant and constant media coverage from all sorts of media outlets. His big advantage over his GOP opponents won’t be the case against Clinton, Clinton has amassed a large war chest thanks to big donors and enjoys the same name recognition as Trump.

Trump plan to combat Hillary Clinton was no doubt going to be different than against his GOP opponents. He might of already burned a lot of bridges with moderates, Democrats and Independents as he looks to win the GOP nomination. His strategy against Hillary is to take away his greatest strengths, being a female candidate and having Bill Clinton on her side.

One of the most visible changes from Clinton’s 2008 to her 2012 campaign is her strong feminist message. Donald Trump can no doubt benefit from attacking Clinton as weak on female issues and current polls finds Clinton with a large lead over Trump with female voters.

At the same time time Donald Trump’s attack on Bill Clinton as a sexual predator, as bogus and unfounded the attacks are, will no doubt help Trump drive doubt with voters on Clinton’s strong stance on various female issues. At the same time Trump will be working hard to take down one of the greatest politicians America has ever seen, Bill Clinton.

Will it work? It is hard to say. On one hand Bill Clinton’s sex life has caused embarrassment for the Hillary Clinton campaign but it didn’t kill her in 2008. Then-Senator Obama simply ran a stellar campaign and Clinton didn’t. Donald Trump’s personal statements about women in the past will no doubt haunt him. Still, painting Bill Clinton as a sex maniac is probably Trump’s best shot at eliminating Hillary Clinton’s two greatest strengths as both candidates start looking at life past the primaries.