2016 Presidential Race

Trump Fever Isn’t Slowing Down


One thing has become clear over the past few weeks, Donald Trump wasn’t just a summer fling for GOP voters. We are under four months away from the Iowa caucus and Donald Trump continues to dominate in the polls. A new CBS/New York Times poll finds Trump leading the GOP field nationally with 27% of support, followed by Ben Carson at 21%. Ted Cruz comes in third with 9%, Marco Rubio at 8%, Jeb Bush at 6%, Carly Fiorina at 6%, Rand Paul at 4%, Chris Christie at 3%, Mike Huckabee at 2% and John Kasich at 2%.

On the Democratic side the poll finds Clinton with a large national lead, 46% to Bernie Sander’s 27%. Joe Biden, who has yet to declare his candidacy is only at 16%.