2016 Presidential Race

Romney Makes 2016 Prediction

Mitt Romney weighs in on the 2016 GOP primary.

Mitt Romney weighs in on the 2016 GOP primary.

Former GOP presidential candidate ruled out another presidential campaign over the winter but he still is talking about the 2016 election. While taking questions from college students he observed that the Democratic Party has done a great job at painting the Republicans as the party of the rich and is out of touch with the middle and poor classes in America. He stated that Bernie Sanders is currently the leader of the Democrats and Donald Trump is the leader of the Republicans. However Romney had some harsh predictions against Trump.

He described Trump’s campaign as childish and brought an nonproductive view toward the immigration debate which he believes could hurt GOP’s chance with winning over the Latino vote next fall. Romney also stated that he is concerned with several other candidates but didn’t mention any names. He said that statements from GOP candidates dealing with minorities will only give the party a more negative view in the eye’s of minorities. Romney would know, his 47% comment was a major blow to his 2012 presidential campaign and killed any momentum he might of received.

Romney sees the Republican Party contest breaking down into two brackets, the tea party bracket and mainstream conservative bracket. In the tea party bracket he placed Trump and Ted Cruz in and in the mainstream bracket he mentioned Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio. Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and surprisingly Carly Fiorina, who has been making outlandish remarks about Planned Parenthood and has came out in favor of torture within the last two weeks.

Romney made a prediction for the current front-runner’s fate : “Donald Trump will not b the nominee. Ultimately our nominee will come from the mainstream conservative bracket.” He believes that the voters in the Republican Party will do the right there and nominate someone who can appeal to all of America.

Good luck with that Mitt.