2016 Presidential Race

Grim News for Rand Paul


It is no secret that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign isn’t going so well and two mediocre debate performances have done little to help his slowly dying campaign. Politico is now reporting that one of the three super PACs that is keeping Rand’s presidential campaign afloat has stopped raising money. This is a major blow to an campaign that is already low on cash and has so far failed to excite conservative billionaires.

Ed Crane, the leader of PurplePAC, accused Paul of abandoning his libertarian views and sugguested that was the primary reason why the Kentucky U.S Senator has plummeted in the polls. The other two super PACs, America’s Liberty and Concerned American Voters will continue to raise money but the void of PurplePAC will be felt. PurplePAC announced back in July that it had raised $1.2 million for Paul’s campaign.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from yesterday finds Mr. Paul in 8th place in the GOP primary with just 3% of support, tied with Chris Christie (who actually moves up from 1%) and right behind Mike Huckabee at 2%. Rand Paul could soon be doomed to the same fate of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who had to drop out of the race after racking up almost a million dollars in campaign debt and with little donations coming in. Rand Paul will continue to have a role in government though. He is up for re-election in Kentucky next year and it is unlikely he will have to face a primary challenge. As for the general, Democrats best candidate Steve Beshear already declined to run against Senator Paul. Alison Grimes is likely Democrats best candidate but it is unlikely she would run another U.S Senate campaign in such a short period of time.