Congressional Republicans Make History on Benghazi Probe

Profiles in Pandering

Profiles in Pandering

If you don’t find a scandal the first time, try, try, try again. In the case of Congressional Republicans, they have been more than willing to pander to the far-extreme of their conservative base even though no new evidence has showed that President Obama or Secretary Clinton did anything wrong before the unexpected attack on a U.S embassy in Benghazi, Liba back in 2012. Republicans know though that by simply keeping this dead “scandal” alive it will still alive in the mind of right-wing nut jobs.

ABC News is reporting that Republicans partisan games have made history. The U.S House Benghazi probe is the longest congressional investigation in history as of Monday. The House Select Committee on Benghazi has been active for 72 weeks — surpassing the Watergate Committee which has held the record previously. There is no end in sight and Republicans will likely live this probe open until after the 2016 election. The GOP odds of holding the U.S House during the 2016 elections are pretty good, meaning that this probe could outlast the Obama administration.

Congressional Democrats have accused Republicans of playing politics with this probe and it is easy to see Democrats’ reasoning, only three public hearings have taken place since the probe started 72 weeks ago, making it one of the least productive probes in Congressional history. Republicans keep hope alive that something damning is on Clinton’s private email server that will be worth all this wasted time.

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to testify before the committee in a public hearing on October 22nd. This will no doubt be a must watch event and it could help Clinton in the polls when viewers see how much these private emails really matter.