2016 Presidential Race

Rick Perry Closes Down South Carolina HQ


The death watch of Rick Perry’s quickly folding presidential campaign continues. The latest development is that the former Governor’s HQ in South Carolina has officially closed, coming just weeks after Perry rolled back campaign activity in Iowa and New Hampshire. Rick Perry, while not a great campaigner, has no doubt suffered more than any other GOP candidate with the entry of Donald Trump into the GOP presidential primary. Perry would of likely owned the immigration issue, being a former Texas governor, but Trump’s hard line and racist rhetoric all but has killed any chance Mr. Perry had at winning the nomination.

Currently the Perry campaign is paying no staffers across the country. There is major doubts that Perry will even have enough money to pay the filing fees to get on the ballot in early states, the cost is $40,000 alone in the state of South Carolina. The problems get even worse for Perry, he is polling at virtually 0% in all polling data and failed to attract any voters with his attacks on Trump and also fell flat at the first GOP Debate. Rick Perry will once again be doomed to the early and less watched debate next week on CNN but he is going to have to find traction and get press, something that is nearly impossible thanks to Trump.

Trump overall impact on the GOP primary has yet to be seen but he has likely killed a Perry campaign that could of went somewhere. The question now becomes, how long does Perry stay in the race as the campaign bleeds out?