In Weird Twist, Conservatives are Spending Money to Help Liberal Alan Grayson

Representative Alan Grayson was at one point one of the rising stars in not only the state of Florida but also nationally for the more progressive-wing of the Democratic Party. Then he lost his house seat during the 2010 midterm election, that saw the Tea Party movement sweep across the ballots. Grayson then attempted a political comeback in a more liberal congressional district in 2012, which he easily won in 2012. The only problem was, this was a new Alan Grayson, he was no longer the liberal fire-brand warrior we came to know him as. No, this new Alan Grayson is pretty much an egotistical asshole that is only looking out for himself and has had some very public disputes with his ex-wife, who he is currently in a lawsuit with. Grayson, needless to say is full of baggage and wouldn’t be the strongest candidate for Democrats in the open Florida U.S Senate seat, a seat that now since Sen. Rubio isn’t running for because of his presidential bid, offers Democrats a great opportunity of a pickup.

The conservative group, The Club for Growth, realizes this and is wasting no time trying to help Grayson get the nomination over the much more electable Rep. Patrick Murphy. This is nothing new, progressive groups have meddled in GOP primaries, such as in 2012 during the Missouri’s GOP U.S Senate primaries, which saw the “Democrats” candidate, Todd Akin, a candidate who would go on to lose because of rape comments and being generally too extreme right for the state of Missouri. No liberal should be confused, The Club for Growth doesn’t like either candidate nor is a champion for liberal causes, they are simply there to divide the Democratic Party of Florida voters enough to where Grayson could eek by a victory.

Currently Patrick Murphy is the only official candidate in the race on the Democratic side. Alan Grayson keeps on threatening to make the plunge into the U.S Senate race but so far is staying away from the race. With Democrats needing five seats to take back the U.S Senate, the last thing progressives need to do is elect a candidate with baggage and comes across as a dick, like Alan Grayson does.