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Bill Won’t Campaign This Year for Hillary


Hillary Clinton is approaching her second presidential campaign in a total different direction. Her campaign launch was smaller than 2008, her first month of campaign appearances have been low key and now the Clinton camp has confirmed that Bill Clinton will not campaign for Hillary this year. Is this a bad move or a good move, you could argue either way. On one hand it gives voters more of a chance to see Hillary address her position on the issues and shakes the Republican narrative that she would simply be a third term for her husband. On the flip side, no one is more popular than Bill Clinton in the Democratic Party outside of President Obama. But unlike Al Gore, she will without a doubt use him once the general election gets here.

More from the Washington Post:

Bill Clinton is a political animal who logged 168,000 miles on the campaign trail in 2014. Yet senior aides say he does not plan to do any campaign activities for his wife in 2015, including fundraisers for her campaign or allied super PACs. He has said privately that she should lead the campaign on her own, aides said.

“He’s completely focused right now on the foundation,” said Tina Flournoy, Bill Clinton’s chief of staff. “That does not mean that he does not realize his wife is running for president. But he is not directly engaged in the campaign. As he has said before, if his advice is asked for, he’s happy to give it.”


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