Feminist Friday – May 1, 2015


The best and worst news this week in the fight for gender equality in America and across the globe.

* Loretta Lynch became the first African-American female to be sworn in as Attorney General of the United States and is only the second female to ever hold the office of Attorney General. Loretta Lynch nomination had been held up by U.S Senate Republicans over a spat over immigration but her nomination was finally voted on last week and she was sworn in on Monday.

* Democratic House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi slammed the House GOP for considering overturning the D.C Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act. A law that prevents employers from firing workers over their use of birth control or other reproductive health decisions that go against the company’s views.

* The Weekly Standard has a must read article out on women in North Korea.

What is less well-known, however, it that it is North Korea’s women — particularly those on the low rungs of the songbun system, which categorizes North Koreans by their fealty to the regime — who suffer the most. Many are forced into prostitution by extreme poverty. Due to the unavailability of medical care and drugs, some have turned to opium in the false hope that it can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Thousands more flee to China as refugees and fall prey to traffickers.

Women also suffer the worst cruelties in North Korea’s prison camps. A woman named Kim Hye-sook told the U.N. Commission that “the women who worked in the mines of Political Prison Camp No. 18 feared assignment to the nightshift, because guards and prisoners preyed on them on their way to and from work and rape them.” Another witness “reported that the guards of Camp No. 18 were especially targeting teenage girls.” A former guard told of “how the camp authorities made female inmates available for sexual abuse to a very senior official who regularly visited the camp,” and that “[a]fter the official raped the women, the victims were killed.” A former guard at Camp 16 told Amnesty International that “several women inmates disappeared after they had been raped by officials,” and concluded “that they had been executed secretly.” Indeed, the Commission found violence against women to be pervasive in North Korean society:

* Another article worth checking out, is feminism losing its fight with multiculturalism?
Via The Federalist :

Unfortunately, this lack of reaction is the norm, not the exception. No American bands cancelled concert dates after an Imam in southern France preached that women are fundamentally selfish. Nor have there been calls to divest ourselves from Saudi Arabia over the recent sentencing of a woman to 70 lashes over “insulting” her husband on WhatsApp. There is a disturbing resistance on the Left to criticizing Islamic societies for their treatment of women. In fact, it’s barely up for discussion. This stubborn denial of women’s rights in Islamic societies reveals a cognitive dissonance on the left, where two of their most closely held beliefs come into conflict: feminism and multiculturalism.

* The Pope is the latest public figure to come out in support of pay equality for equal work among both sexes.

* A new documentary is out on feminism.