2016 Presidential Race

Are They Serious or Just Flirting?

The Washington Post
is out with a great article on how many politicians are currently flirting with a presidential bid. Just yesterday, Independent U.S Senator and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders entered the race as a Democrat. There are over twenty current politicians flirting with a possible bid for president, including Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb on the Democratic side. On the Republican side it is a jungle, with big names like Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee all considering jumping into a already crowded GOP primary field.

“For the big-name candidates, the presidential flirt is a useful, temporary, legal dodge. They will run. They are basically running already. But they don’t want to admit it yet, because that would bring on tighter fundraising rules.”

“For the others — particularly the eight or so who had fallen out of the political spotlight — the flirt can be an end in itself. It allows them to experience some of the most pleasant parts of a campaign: audiences, media attention, a chance to raise money. And then it lets them escape before they have to face the less-pleasant parts. Like getting crushed.”