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Dice Will Decide Tied Election


Platte, South Dakota has a unique way they are picking the next mayor of the town that ended in a tie between the two candidates, by luck of the draw. This Thursday the candidates will gather at Platte’s City Hall meeting room and both candidates, Steve Christensen and the current incumbent Mayor Rick Gustad will choose between a high-card draw and a high-roll to determine who will the the next mayor of the town for a two-year term. The election was held two weeks ago with both candidates receiving 171 votes.

More via The Daily Republic:

Under South Dakota state statute, the vote was canvassed by the Platte City Council on April 20 to certify all votes were counted correctly. Neither Gustad or Christensen requested a recount following the canvass. The statute requires the winner be determined by a drawing of lots, the manner of which is chosen by the finance officer.

Platte Finance Officer Shauna Meyerink narrowed the drawing of lots down to two choices and will allow the candidates to choose their preferred method.

This marks the second consecutive close mayoral race between Gustad and Christensen. In 2013, Gustad won the election by six votes. John W. Stekly, whose father, John Frank Stekly, served as Platte’s mayor for 21 years, said the 2013 mayoral election may have been affected by lower turnout due to poor weather.