2016 Presidential Race

Paul : GOP Hawks are ‘Lap Dogs’ for Obama


Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) blasted hawks in his own party for being “lap dogs” for President Obama’s foreign policy. This might come as a shock to some, who has seen Rand Paul transfer into a war hawk since jumping into the GOP primary field. Is Rand Paul getting back to his old “slash defense spending” self again? Because if not, little difference stands between Rand Paul and the other GOP candidates, all who would support increasing military and defense spending, even though the Pentagon asks us not to send them more money.

More via The Washington Post:

“These people who call loudest to criticize me are great proponents of president Obama’s foreign policy and they just want to do it ten times over,” Paul said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom.” “I’m really the one standing up to President Obama and these people are essentially the lapdogs for President Obama, and I think they’re sensitive about that.”

The comments follow several days of pointed barbs between Paul and some of his more hawkish GOP colleagues, including Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.), a potential presidential rival. Graham said that Paul has been “more wrong than right” on foreign policy and is not as aggressive as Obama. McCain said Monday that Paul “doesn’t understand” foreign policy and has shown “naivete” about the issue in the Senate.

“This comes from a group of people who have been wrong about every foreign policy issue over the last two decades,” Paul said Tuesday.