2016 Presidential Race

Graham : 91% Certain to Run


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) told Fox News on Sunday that he is “91 percent sure” to join the already crowded GOP primary for president but made it clear to viewers that he needs money and lots of it before he would forgo a presidential run. Senator Graham is a fixture of Washington D.C and South Carolina but outside of these two areas he isn’t very well known despite being in Congress for decades. His low name ID and his lack of campaign funds would no doubt be an issue for Graham as he would have to go up against Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, etc.

Sen. Graham argues that he has the best foreign policy ideas than anything put forth by GOP candidates and Hillary Clinton. “I think I’ve got a good message,” he said. “I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy.” Graham, despite being a hawk when it comes to international affairs, would no doubt still have problems with the conservative electorate he would have to face in a GOP primary contest. For one, Graham is a moderate on issues like climate change, closing tax loopholes and comprehensive immigration reform. Graham’s state of South Carolina though is an early primary state, a victory there might open the floodgates for him but first he would have to stay alive in Iowa and New Hampshire and fight to stay relevant before Election Day in South Carolina.

For Senator Graham, money is the key issue for him. Marco Rubio already has $40 million committed to him. Ted Cruz has raised $31 and Jeb Bush is projected to raise more than $100 million during his presidential run.

How do you see 2016 playing out for Senator Lindsey Graham?