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John Kasich Shouldn’t be Ignored by Democrats


Current Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) officially has a national PAC that will allow him to raise money and his profile as he considers a run for president in 2016. John Kasich is in many ways the strongest GOP candidate for 2016, he is a former businessman (something that the GOP base loves to see in a candidate), he can win in a critical swing state and there isn’t a state anymore critical than Ohio and he is a current office holder (a plus over Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee) and he would join Scott Walker as the only two incumbent governors in the race. While Kasich isn’t a household name and conservatives knock him for being “moderate”, liberals shouldn’t ignore the growing problem of Kasich, just ask any Democrat from the state of Ohio.

John Kasich is surprisingly popular in the state of Ohio. A Quinnipiac University poll found him with a 56% job performance approval rating earlier this year. He won re-election by 28% in a landslide victory against Democratic candidate FitzGerald, who was only the third major-party candidate since 1928 to receive less than one million votes in an Ohio gubernatorial election. John Kasich saw over seen a serge of Republican support and strengthened the GOP hold on the statehouse and state senate. Democrats now only hold four congressional seats and one U.S Senate seat, a far cry from 2006, when they held all but two elected offices (not including house seats).

For those who need a recap on Mr. Kasich’s record. He has worked hard with the extreme GOP statehouse to roll back women’s rights and make it more and more difficult to have an abortion in the Buckeye state. He is against common core and supports giving more money to private schools over public ones. He also fought to take away public employees’ rights to collectively bargain and reducing funding of local government and schools to the privatization of the state’s economic development funding. He has been a champion of the 1% in the state of Ohio and has buddies on Wall Street…hell he used to work for them. He is also behind on social issues like gay rights. Make no mistake, John Kasich is NOT a moderate. He is the Republican that Democrats should fear, he is a mix between Scott Walker and a Wall Street banker. He is excellent at misleading the voters, stating one thing and doing another.

Via AFL-CIO Blog:

1. Kasich signed S.B. 5, which limited the ability of public employees to collectively bargain for better working conditions. If Kasich is re-elected, he is very likely to sign “right to work” legislation if and when it comes to his desk. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 4/3/11; Cleveland.com, 2/14/14]

2. The purchasing power of the minimum wage has continually declined over time, leaving many families in worse and worse situations. Kasich has repeatedly made it clear that he is “concerned” about raising the minimum wage. [The Columbus Dispatch, 2/14/13]

3. Kasich proposed a plan in 2013 that cut income tax rates by 20%, cut some business tax rates in half and levied sales taxes on goods and services that were previously exempt. The plan raised taxes on the poorest 60% of Ohio residents while the top 1% saw an average tax cut of $10,369. [Think Progress, 2/8/13]

4. As governor, Kasich cut funding for education by $700 million and funding for nursing homes by $340 million. [The Columbus Dispatch, 7/1/11]

5. During difficult economic times, it’s hard for working families to balance their jobs with their responsibilities to their families. Kasich doesn’t seem to care as he said he opposes government-required paid sick days for workers. [National Federation of Independent Business Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire 2010, accessed 2/3/14]

A Kasich presidency would be the worst thing that has ever happened to the middle class in this country. Get to know him now before it is too late. Ohio Democrats didn’t take his threat seriously, I hope the rest of the country doesn’t do the same thing.


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  1. Sorry but your way off on this one. He’s not that popular. He won because of a weak candidate and low turnout. The news media slanted toward him. Kasich bought the news media of the big 3 cities. Kasich has NEVER worked – no businessman. “Hired” by Lehman Brothers just like other politicians. He split the party when he was first elected. He’s very arrogant and puts his foot in his mouth with his off the cuff remarks. He reduced local government funding and school funding by half just to help himself say he created a surplus which he didn’t.