2016 Presidential Race

Grave of Hillary Clinton’s Father has been Vandalized


Representing the worst of American politics, vandals took to Washburn Street Cemetery, the final resting place of Hillary Clinton’s father, Hugh Rodham and toppled the headstone just shortly after Hillary announced that she would be running for president. Police in Scranton, Pennsylvania said that the headstone of Hugh Rodham had been toppled and doesn’t rule out the fact that vandals could of been behind the act. A caretaker for the cemetery noticed that the headstone was off its base on Monday afternoon.

Lieutenant Glenn Thomas of the Scranton Police Department said they were treating the incident as an act of “criminal mischief” but had leads or possibly suspects.

Via New York Times:

“Whether it was random or a coincidence that it happened right after she stated she was running for president, we don’t have anything to verify or confirm that,” said Mr Thomas.

He said that while “at this point we have no witnesses”, detectives would be requesting tips from the public on what may have occurred.

The overturned headstone was first noticed by Paul McGloin, who had been driving by the cemetery.

Mr Rodham died in 1993 at the age of 82, just three months after his son-in-law Bill Clinton was inaugurated as president and his daughter became first lady. A former textile wholesaler, Mr Rodham was politically conservative and once ran for office as a Republican. Mr and Mrs Clinton travelled to Washburn Street Cemetery to attend his burial.