Matt Bevin’s Ad Reminds Everyone….he is Very Conservative

The May 19th Kentucky primary is quickly approaching and all eyes are on the gubernatorial race which is an open race since current incumbent, Governor Steve Beshear (D), is term-limited. Jack Conway is a lock for the Democratic nomination, but on the Republican side things could get very interesting. Hal Heiner is the establishment candidate and the favorite to win, while James Comer was the Tea Party candidate…only until Matt Bevin joined the race and now him and Comer is splitting the conservative vote, leaving Hal with a path to victory. Though polls show that up to 30% of GOP voters remain undecided, anything could happen.

Bevin, who is running third in most polls, put out a new TV spot that wants everyone to know that he is really really conservative. If Matt Bevin sounds familiar but isn’t ringing a bell, he was the guy who challenged Mitch McConnell in the GOP primary in 2014 and got killed on election night.


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