2016 Presidential Race

Hillary Clinton is Gathering Endorsements in Hidden Democratic Primary

If any Democrat is seriously considering running against Clinton, they should hurry up and declare right away because Clinton is racking up the endorsement at a record breaking level. Since Clinton made her announcement Sunday that she is indeed running for president, 93 liberal lawmakers have made it clear that they are ready for Hillary. She has the endorsement of just over 40% of all Democrats in Congress, and that number is growing daily. 65 members of the 188 House Democrats caucus and 28 members of the 46 Senate Democrats caucus have came out and publicly endorsed Clinton.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has yet to offer an endorsement to Hillary and of the candidates who are seriously considering giving Clinton a challenge for the Democratic nod, Martin O’Malley and independent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), this is no doubt disheartening and likely to make them reconsider challenging her since nearly half of the party is already behind her. Stronger candidates like Warren and Biden would no doubt struggle to find endorsements in a part that is almost nearly half behind Clinton already.

We all knew Hillary Clinton had a huge advantage over anyone, but this advantage is insane, something that only incumbent presidents enjoy. Right now she has almost more support for her 2016 presidential bid than she did for her 2008 presidential bid (99 to currently 93) against then-Senator Obama. Clinton has already the support from 21 of the 65 female Democrats in the House.