2016 Presidential Race

Will Clinton’s “Go Small” Campaign Kickoff Strategy Payoff Big?


MSNBC’s First Read examines today how Clinton’s campaign kickoff strategy of “going small”, will more likely help than hurt her.

“The early events likely will be small — reminiscent of that ‘Listening Tour’ as she began to run for that New York Senate seat in 2000. In other words, she is going to be going door-to-door, meeting with voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, etc. one-on-one… The lesson learned from 2008: Clinton isn’t as comfortable going big — a la Barack Obama or even her husband. But there is a risk to this go-small strategy. It lacks a message.”

“Indeed, Clinton’s early rollout is answering the process question (how the announcement will go down, etc.), but it isn’t answering the message question (what her campaign will be about). Now it’s likely we will see a here’s-why-I’m-running-for-president speech from Clinton next month; the April ‘Listening Tour’ showers will bring May’s bigger flowers. But given how a month seems like an eternity in our new media landscape, Clinton’s challenge will be running without answering that message question.”