2016 Presidential Race

Chafee Considering Running for President

Ready for Chafee?

Ready for Chafee?

Former Governor and U.S Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island just announced that he is considering a campaign for the 2016 Democratic Party’s nomination for President. But would Lincoln Chafee excite the liberal base of the Republican Party? Lincoln Chafee entered the U.S Senate after his incumbent father died, Lincoln was a Republican at that time, though he was the most liberal Republican in the U.S Senate. That wouldn’t help Senator Chafee hold his seat in the blue wave midterm of 2006, he would handily lose to current U.S Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

Lincoln Chafee would run for governor of Rhode Island in 2010 as an independent, before switching over as a Democrat. Chafee left the governor mansion with an awful approval rating, along with that comes the problem of low name recognition, Chafee would have a very steep hill to climb against Clinton.

More from Rhode Island’s Public Radio:

“The 62-year old former U.S. Senator and governor said in an interview that he wants to give Democratic voters a choice for president… A decision on whether to pursue a campaign, Chafee said, will hinge on the level of support he can generate over the next few weeks and months and on how well a web-based fund-raising effort goes.”