2016 Presidential Race

Did Rand Paul’s Campaign Kickoff Break Senate Rules?


It has been widely reported the past few months that Kentucky politicians can’t run for two offices at the same time in the state of Kentucky, but that isn’t stopping Senator Paul from running for re-election in the U.S Senate while also running for the presidency. The Kentucky GOP has already announced that they will gladly help Rand break the law by changing the state primary to a caucus, legally avoiding the state law by technicality. Current Secretary of State and former U.S Senate candidate, Alison Grimes, has made it clear Rand Paul is breaking the law and should pick between the U.S Senate or the GOP nomination for president. It is however unclear how far Grimes will go at stopping Rand.

This isn’t the only rule Rand Paul has broke in the past few months though. A video produced to kickoff Rand Paul’s presidential campaign may have broke U.S Senate rules designed to separate official government resources from electioneering. The April 5 video, released two days before Paul announced his presidential bid, includes a clip of the Kentucky Republican on the Senate floor during the nearly 13-hour filibuster in 2013 in which he temporarily blocked the John Brennan nomination for CIA director. Using the footage, contained in a Fox News package on the filibuster, appears to violate Senate guidelines on the use of video footage of Senate.

“The use of any tape duplication of radio or television coverage of the proceedings of the Senate for political campaign purposes is strictly prohibited,” the Senate Manual states.

Republicans and Paul’s campaign argue that the use of the video is acceptable, but did not explain.