2016 Presidential Race

Poll: Bush Leads GOP Field, Clinton Tops All GOP Candidates


A new Washington Post-ABC News Poll now finds former Florida governor Jeb Bush ahead of all possible GOP primary contenders. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker popularity now seems to be fading in the Republican Party after a few awful weeks for the Walker campaign, Jeb Bush numbers continue to improve and Senator Ted Cruz has pulled in $4 million in eight days, while Walker continues to drop in public opinion polls. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is found to not only have the advantage among Bush but also leads every single Republican she was polled against.

This is only the start of a serious problem that the Republican Party will have to deal with next year, not only does Hillary Clinton beat every single Republican polled, she also has the highiest approval rating of any of the possible GOP candidates. Jeb Bush is viewed favorably among 33% of the public, while 53% of the public view him unfavorably. Hillary Clinton is the other candidate with a net positive, 49% to 46%. Her favorably rating has dropped 9%, but even still she is viewed more favorably than any of the potential GOP candidates.

When polling the GOP field, the new poll finds Jeb Bush leading the way with 20%, followed by Senator Ted Cruz at 13% and Governor Scott Walker at 12%. Five other candidates get 6% and six candidates get 2% or less of support among GOP voters. For Jeb Bush, his toughest task isn’t raising money, it is getting the far-right on board with his candidacy. If Jeb wins the nomination though the most difficult task lies ahead, separating himself from his brother’s failed presidency. It won’t be an easy task.

Clinton vs. Bush
Clinton 54%
Bush 40%

Clinton vs. Cruz
Clinton 58%
Bush 37%

Clinton vs. Walker
Clinton 55%
Walker 38%


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