2016 Presidential Race

No Joe In 2016?

Joe Biden Campaigns In South Florida

The National Journal is out with an article this morning on Vice President Joe Biden’s 2016 prospects and proclaims that he is not running in 2016 for the Democratic Party nomination. The article comes as the Hillary Clinton camp is weathering the private email “controversy” that is getting wall-to-wall coverage throughout the mainstream media. It is interesting to point out that Joe Biden has said nothing about the Clinton emails, something that if he was seriously considering a run you would have to assume he would take the opportunity to attack her on. Instead, Biden has not only been silent but he has no organization prepared, the only thing he has done so far is visit a few early-primary states.

“He’s doing nothing—nothing—to stand up an operation. No exploratory committee. No organizing in early states. No super PAC or allied nonprofit. Indeed, no ‘Ready for Joe’ bumper stickers are being printed and sent to field offices.”

Comment below what you think. Is Joe Biden serious about running?