2016 Presidential Race

Key Romney Strategist Joins Bush Campaign


If Mitt Romney runs for a third consecutive time for the White House and odds look very good that he is indeed giving it another go, he will have to do it without a key strategist from his 2008 & 2012 campaign.

via NYT:

David Kochel, a Republican strategist based in Iowa who worked on both of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns, is joining Jeb Bush’s political action committee as a senior strategist and is in line to serve as Mr. Bush’s national campaign manager.

“David is one of the most talented state-based operatives in the nation and brings a different focus and different set of priorities to our effort to communicate Governor Bush’s focus on economic and social mobility,” said Sally Bradshaw, Mr. Bush’s longtime strategist.

The move to tap Mr. Kochel, who advised Mr. Romney for over six years, represents a shot across the bow of the 2012 Republican nominee, who is now considering a third bid for the White House.

Mr. Kochel offered only praise for Mr. Romney, while also promoting Mr. Bush’s strengths.

“I really believe Governor Bush is the right person for the right time,” he said. “He has a successful conservative record in Florida, and I’d put that record up against anybody else.”

The most interesting thing so far about the GOP primary is just how easy candidates are poaching each other. Bush and Romney are quickly trying to steal wealthy GOP donors way from Christie, while various staff members have already been stolen by other candidates. Also, while we all knew that after the great showing the GOP had on election night last year would equal more candidates running for the GOP nomination, this amount of possible candidate is unbelievable and the list grows everyday.