Feminist Friday! January 9th Edition!


Happy Feminist Friday everybody! I hope that everybody had a good week! Sorry for the late posting, I have been super busy this past week. As always, I have gathered the top news for this, so if I missed something please let me know in the comments!

In good news…

1. Texas may allow same sex marriage, but is throwing a bitch fit about it.

2. Good guy of the week goes to Lassana Bathily. Bathily, who is Muslim himself, was working at a kosher market that came under siege after the attack at Charlie Hebdo. He saved 15 hostages by hiding them in the store’s freezer.

3. George Zimmerman was arrested on aggravated assault charges…. again.

4.  Population Institute, a think tank in DC, released their annual report card on reproductive health and gave the US a C. This is categorized as good news as last year the US was at a C-.

5. Detroit is looking to raise $10 million from private donors in order to process untested rape kits. FYI they found these 11,000 untested kits in an abandoned warehouse five years ago. WTF Detroit

6. Obama announced his plan to make community college tuition free for millions of students.

7. The woman who accused Jameis Winston of rape is now suing FSU trustees for violating her Title IX rights by failing to properly investigate.

8. Madhu Kinnar was elected the first transgender Indian mayor in  Raigarh Municipal Corporation.

In bad news…

1. Of the 479 first-time directors hired to work on TV series from 2009 to 2014, men represented 82 percent and women 18 percent.

2. Bill Cosby evidently thinks its funny to joke about his sexual assault allegations. Rape culture

3. House Republicans re-introduced a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks because they don’t care about wasting our tax dollars by trying to reintroduce bills they know won’t work.

4.The Colorado Springs NAACP building explosion has been confirmed to have been a bomb.

5. Russia has banned anyone with a ‘mental disorder’ from driving. These disorders include being transgender, fetishism, voyeurism, and gambling.


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