Feminist Friday! January 2nd Edition!

feministfridayHey guys! Happy Feminist Friday!!! Can you believe it is 2015 now?! it’s so crazy! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve! As always, I have rounded up the latest feminist news! Let me know if I left anything out! There didn’t seem to be too much news this week! Have a great weekend!

In good news…

1. Nicki Minaj opened up about having an abortion as a teenager in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I am so proud of her for coming out with her story, it takes a lot of strength.

2. Harvard Law finally revised it’s sexual assault policy in order to settle federal charges. Its about time!

3. Gallup has announced HIlary CLinton is the most admired woman in America, for the 17th time in the past 18 years.

In bad news…

1. The funeral for Leelah Alcorn had to be moved as the family began receiving threats.

2. The coach of the Oregon Ducks says several of his players will be disciplined for celebrating their New Year’s Day Rose Bowl win by chanting “No means no” at Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who was accused of rape by a fellow student in 2012

3. Joschua Boehm, creator of Manbook, is saying that no women are allowed to join his social media site. And if they do, they will be killed? Classy guy

4. A two year old toddler shot and killed his mother when he grabbed her gun out of her purse while at a Walmart in Idaho.

5. The California Health Department has issued an alert that an adult film actor has contracted HIV after filming a movie out of state. This comes only two weeks after the adult film industry lost an appeal on mandating condom use on sets.


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