Upcoming Budget War


If you are wanting to watch a good ol’ fashion budget hoedown on C-Span this year as the Republicans take totally control of the Congress, here are some key dates.

February 2: Obama’s budget deadline
February 27: DHS funding runs out
March 15: Debt limit suspension expires
April 1: GOP budget resolution
September 30: Shutdown deadline
October 1: Fiscal 2016 begins

These dates could come and pass without anything news worthy if bipartisanship is every lawmaker’s resolution for the new year. Likely the GOP and President Obama will go at it at every turn because President Obama will see 2012 as a sign that the American public wants liberal policies and the 2014 election was a small turnout and was about him, not GOP policy. The GOP on the other hand will see 2012 as a fluke and 2014 means that the country is ready to veer far-right. It should be very interested to see how everything shapes out next week and how much bad blood there will be at the end of the first week.

More Via The Hill:

The federal budget is almost certain to be the central battleground between President Obama and the new Republican Congress in 2015.

The GOP has vowed to use control of the House and Senate to slash the size of government, with entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security a potential target for cuts.

But Obama has made clear he will use his veto pen against the GOP, forcing Republicans to tread carefully as they seek to avoid government shutdowns and recapture the White House in 2016.