Texans Powerful In New Congress


The top three likely Republican leaders in the House next year are from Ohio, California and Louisiana. But the committees will be dominated by Texans. In the aftermath of the 2014 midterm election which saw Democrats be blown out of the water all across the country, no state is set to benefit more from this in Congress than Republican from the Lone Star State. While at the same time no state is set to be in more worst shape in the new Congress than liberal California.

More via New York Times:

When the 114th Congress opens in January, Texans will assume the leadership of six of the 21 House committees, according to recommendations issued by the House G.O.P.’s Steering Committee in November, which would be the largest number for a state delegation since at least 1979.

The six leaders, and their committees, are: K. Michael Conaway, Agriculture; Mac Thornberry, Armed Services; Jeb Hensarling, Financial Services; Michael McCaul, Homeland Security; Pete Sessions, Rules; and Lamar Smith, Science, Space and Technology.

Mr. Hensarling, Mr. McCaul, Mr. Sessions and Mr. Smith were chairmen of their respective committees in the 113th Congress.

California, which has the House’s largest delegation, has long held the most chairmanships in a modern Congress where Democrats have held the majority, and have had leadership of five major committees several times. In the 111th Congress, from 2009-10, Californians led five panels, and Nancy Pelosi held the speakership. Texas will have 25 Republicans in the House next year, the largest Republican delegation.