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John McCain: 2016 “most likely”


John McCain said Friday that he was “most likely” going to prepare for a re-election campaign next year. He did note though that he will be a top target for conservatives groups that gun to pick off establishment Republicans in the GOP primary. John McCain was easily able to escape his far-right opponent back during the 2010 primary, which no doubt emboldening these groups to come up with a stronger candidate this time. John McCain is one of the few moderate Republican Senators left and confirmed that when he was one of only a handful of Republicans in Congress to come out and attack the CIA on the torture report.

John McCain would be running for his sixth term in the U.S Senate as a Senator for Arizona. Interesting thing to note is that John McCain does not think Republicans can hang on to the Senate in two years after grabbing it back from Democrats in the midterm elections. In his last election, in 2010, McCain fought off a vocal primary challenge from conservative former House Republican and radio host J.D. Hayworth.

If John McCain retires this automatically becomes a competitive race and the Democrats have some stellar candidates. Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords is often mentioned at the top of a long list of candidate. If McCain fails to win his primary then the race also becomes competitive. A democrat could possibly make it a race against John McCain but it will be tough, especially if the environment is no better than it was in 2014 for Democrats and once again Democrats are running against Obama not the Republican.


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