Feminist Friday! December 19th Edition!

feministfridayHappy Feminist Friday everybody! I hope that everybody had an awesome week! Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?! I can’t believe it snuck up on me so fast this year! I am making presents for everyone this year, and I better hurry up since I still have a few to make! Well anyways, as always I have compiled a list of feminist news from the past week! Let me know if I missed anything!!

In good news…

1. Sheikh Ahmed al-Ghamdi, a cleric who once headed the religious police in Mecca, has declared that the face veil (niqab) is not imperative to Islam. I am all for women wearing what makes them feel comfortable, but no one should be forced to wear anything.

2. Attorney General Holder has announced that the Dept of Justice will recognize transgender discrimination as sex discrimination. Yay! About time!

3. Robert L. Pittman was confirmed to be a U.S. district judge in the Western District of Texas, making him the 15th LGBT federally appointed judge. Congrats Judge Pittman!

4. The first same sex marriages began this week in Scotland. Congrats!

5. Congress passed a spending bill this week that includes abortion coverage for Peace Corp members who are victims of rape, incest, or high risk pregnancy.

6. The Dominican Republic is set to become the 36th state in the world to decriminalize abortion. They will now allow abortion in cases of rape, incest, or high risk pregnancy. A big step in the right direction!

In bad news…

1. Missouri state representative Rick Brattin is completely out of touch with reality. This is why voting matters people!

2. The San Diego State chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity has been officially closed after members were accused of harassing anti-rape demonstrators. ):

3. It is being reported that a 57 year old woman named Catherine Crump of Illinois is trying to trademark the phrase ‘I can’t breathe’ in order to profit off of merchandise bearing the phrase.

4. The Colbert Report ended its 9 year run this week. We will miss you Stephen Colbert!

5. Stephen Collins has admitted to molesting several girls.


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