2016 Presidential Race

Grimes: Paul Can’t Run for Two Offices


Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), who ran for U.S Senate against Mitch McConnell this past election cycle, told WHAS-TV that she might take Senator Rand Paul (R) to court to block him from running both for president and reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2016. Senator Rand Paul (R) announced a few weeks ago that he would indeed run for another term for U.S Senate and would announce if he is running for U.S President or not. Rand’s staff has made it clear that they will do everything that can to get Rand on both ballots, regardless of the law in Kentucky that states that you can only run for one office per election cycle.

Rand Paul options are limited, the governor and state legislative is in the hands of the Democrats, so he can’t go that route in changing the law to allow him to run for both U.S Senate and the presidency. Some felt like Alison Grimes would not challenge him on this but this was confirmed false today. The strategy now could still remain just ignoring the law and making Grimes block him and forcing a court battle that the press will no doubt focus on. The GOP could change Kentucky from a primary to a caucus state, but other candidates might not like the Republican Party going out of its way to help one candidate. Senator Paul insisting that he runs for U.S Senate while running for the GOP nomination makes him look bad in my opinion, it pretty much inspires no confident when he has a backup plan already in place in case he gets the nomination and then loses to the Democratic Party candidate in the general election.

As for Alison Grimes, her coming out and challenging Rand Paul is interesting. Does this mean that she will run for another term as Kentucky’s Secretary of State? Or will she indeed challenge Jack Conway for the Democratic nomination for governor next year? Then again if she is successful at kicking Rand Paul off the ballot if he runs for President, Alison Grimes could run for U.S Senate again and she would have strong name ID and a big donor list she achieved in 2014. The GOP would have to search for a candidate that would no doubt not be at Rand Paul’s star level. If the GOP couldn’t recruit a U.S House member to run against Grimes this will no doubt become a close race. Grimes and Conway are the future of the Kentucky Democratic Party and the party no doubt hopes Grimes doesn’t eye the governorship and instead waits and pushes out Rand Paul in 2016.