We Now Have a Surgeon General


Vivek Murthy has officially became the 19th Surgeon General of the United States when he was confirmed after a big misstep by Senate Republicans, that allowed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to call for a special weekend session on votes to fund the government and to finally allow a vote on President Obama’s nominee, including the Surgeon General. During the whole Ebola crisis, Congressional Republicans blocked any attempt to have the Surgeon General approved, the spat began became Mr. Murthy is opposed by the gun lobby, aka NRA, which the Republicans take their marching orders from. So yes, Vivek Murthy was prevented from doing his job for months because of his stance on guns, which has nothing to do with the Surgeon General job.

Senators voted 51 to 43 to confirm Vivek Murthy, a Harvard and Yale-educated doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, whose nomination had been in limbo amid concerns about his experience, and opposition from the gun lobby.

As surgeon general, Murthy, 37, will serve as the nation’s top spokesperson on public health issues. Boris Lushniak has served as acting surgeon general since July 2013.