Millennials Avoiding Government Jobs


The Washington Post is out with an interesting article on millennials and how more and more of them are avoiding government jobs and going into the private sector as federal jobs lose their appeal and often private sector jobs offer more money.

Six years after candidate Barack Obama vowed to make working for government “cool again,” federal hiring of young people is instead tailing off and many millennials are heading for the door.

The share of the federal workforce under the age of 30 dropped to 7 percent this year, the lowest figure in nearly a decade, government figures show.

Danzig said that the federal shutdown, furloughs and pay freezes in recent years have eroded the attraction of working for the government. Just last week, the government came within hours of shuttering again before Congress approved an annual spending bill.

For those millennials who still want to land a government job, the hiring process can be an infuriating mystery. And the government’s Pathways internship program, designed to help launch young people on a federal career, is so beset by problems that only a trickle of workers has been hired.


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