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Xbox One Wins November


The PS4 winning streak has finally been broken by the Xbox One, which sold 1.2 million in the month on November. The first year of the Microsoft’s Xbox One has been anything but smooth as it quickly found itself far behind the sales of the PS4. According to the latest NPD data drop, the Xbox One was the number one selling console in both the US and the UK for November. Analyst in the gaming industry believe there are two reasons behind the Xbox One’s November sales victory. One, because of the deep price cut that now has it cheaper than the PS4. Two, because Xbox One has the hottest exclusive games this holiday season. Sony is only offering Little Big Planet 3, while Xbox One has released Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Forza Horizon 2.

While Nintendo’s Wii U came in far behind the PS4 and Xbox One, it should be noted that they were able to sell 710,000 copies of the newest Super Smash Brothers. It goes without saying that it was the most sold game of the month.

Sound off: Has the Xbox One turned things around? Will they continue in first place or will they sink back to second place with the holiday season is over?