Ted Strickland Seriously Considering U.S Senate Bid


In what would no doubt be a serious break of good news for the Ohio Democratic Party, that was whipped badly back in November, former Governor Ted Strickland is considering a U.S Senate bid that would automatically see him become a serious threat to Junior Senator Rob Portman (R). In an interview with the Northeast Ohio Media Group, Strickland said that he plans to make a decision “Certainly within the next two or three months.” Strickland also acknowledged that he would be 75 years old on Election Day, which is pretty old even for U.S Senate standards but stated that his health is great.

Ted Strickland barely lost his bid for a second term as Ohio’s governor back in 2010 during a heavily favored GOP election cycle. He would be a great candidate because of his strong appeal with the rural eastern Ohio voters who have became discounted with the Democratic Party in recent years. Other potential candidates include outgoing Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Rep. Tim Ryan, and Cincinnati Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld. Coleman and Ryan would both be great candidates but neither hold the power or the bragging rights of winning statewide like Strickland.

The Democrats will need four seats in 2016 to take back control of the U.S Senate, five seats if they lose the White House. Right now Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Hampshire and Wisconsin are early targets. If Strickland jumps in Ohio easily will be added to the list.