2016 Presidential Race

Rick Perry 2.0



Governor Rick Perry is working hard to redeem himself after a very awful campaign for the GOP nomination in 2012, which at times got down right hilarious (Youtube “Rick Perry Oops”). The Washington Post is out with an interesting piece on how Rick Perry is trying to reinvent himself after looking like a fool four years ago.

“Rick Perry is trying to show that he is not the Rick Perry you remember. Gone, it seems, is the blustery bravado, the empty rhetoric, the cowboy boots — and, yes, the ‘oops’ moments. This Perry comes across as studious, contemplative and humble. He said he is at peace with his 2012 presidential campaign, in which his shoot-first-aim-later approach proved catastrophic, but is hungry to redeem himself.”

“As Perry packs his belongings at the governor’s mansion after 14 years in office, he is undergoing exhaustive preparations to run again for president in 2016. He is striving to make a better second impression than his first one.”


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