2016 Presidential Race

Deal Made, Government Won’t Shutdown


Congressional leaders reached a deal Tuesday on a more than $1 trillion spending package that would fund most of the federal government through the current fiscal year. The House however prepared to move on a short-term spending measure that would avert a government shutdown if Congress cannot pass the larger bill by Thursday, when the current funding expires. The hangup in the House was because social conservatives wanted to load the bill with issues unrelated to keeping the government over.

Lawmakers battled behind the scenes over dozens of additional policy provisions ranging from the Environmental Protection Agency’s jurisdiction over some bodies of water to the District of Columbia’s marijuana laws to matters of campaign finance. The House will vote on the bill Thursday morning and send it over to the Senate for a final vote there.

Sadly this isn’t the end, we’ll be right back at a possible threat of a government shutdown at the start of the new year. Divided government, yay!