Keystone XL Passage Falls Short


The U.S Senate spent the last six days vote-whipping and politicking to get a bill passed that authorized the Keystone XL pipeline. Last Friday the GOP dominated House of Representatives passed the bill and today the U.S Senate fell one vote short of 60 votes to pass the bill and stop a filibuster. This was a huge hit to Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D) chances of being re-elected in the Louisiana runoff election next month, most polls already shows her down by as much as twenty points and her own party pulled money from her race and see her as dead in the water.

This is a victory for environmentalist who will no doubt have very short time to celebrate because the GOP gaining control of the U.S Senate at the start of the next year will no doubt see many more votes on the Keystone XL Pipeline and will likely result in a standoff between President Obama and the GOP and which will likely lead to Obama’s third veto of his presidency. Opponents of the XL pipeline argue that any positive outcome will be short because in the long run the project will lose jobs and eventually oil to pump in the decades to come and create massive damage to the environment.

“Republicans are committed to getting Keystone approved,” said Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on the Senate floor. If not today, McConnell said, “then a new majority after the beginning of the year will be taking this up and sending it down to the desk of the president.”


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