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NOM Will go After Senator Portman

Ohio’s Republican junior Senator Rob Portman still remains one of the only GOP Senators to come out in favor of gay marriage. He was against same-sex marriage until his son came out to him in a letter once he left for college. This isn’t setting well with the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay marriage group that is vowing to defeat Portman for having different views.

NOM will target him regardless what he does in 2016 which will see him either run for re-election for the U.S Senate or try making a GOP bid, he could technically do both. Portman support for gay marriage is unlikely to hurt him in Ohio but it represents a tough task Portman has ahead of him of he runs in the GOP primary for President. He would likely be one of the only candidates in the GOP primary that supports gay marriage and that won’t help him with that social conservatives in the party.

More from Huffington Post:

“Rob Portman can forget about getting elected President of the United States,” Brown said in a statement. “If he runs we will make sure that GOP primary voters are aware of his desire to redefine marriage and his willingness to see federal judges set aside the votes of 50 million Americans who enacted marriage amendments across the country because his son is gay.”

“Rob Portman’s son has a right to live as he chooses, but that does not give his father the right to redefine marriage,” he added.


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