Feminist Friday! November 14th Edition!

feministfridayHappy Friday everybody! I hope you all had a great week! There was a lot of good news this week so I am very excited!! (: This week I have decided not to address the Kim Kardashian photos. I just honestly haven’t had much time to critically think about them and what they mean (or don’t mean) to feminism. I feel like that is worthy of its own blog. But as always, feel free to add any additional news, comments, complaints, suggestions, and anything else you might want to add in the comments section!

In good news…

1. On Thursday, the Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Blood & Tissue Safety & Availability voted to relax the regulations on gay men donating blood. In a 16-2 vote, the ruled in favor of allowing gay men who have been abstinent for the past year to donate blood. HUGE step in the right direction! yay!

2. Harry Reid was once again voted to lead the Democrats in the Senate, and Senators Amy Klobuch and Elizabeth Warren were both selected to fill policy advisor roles. Klobuchar and Warren join the two other Democratic women currently serving in Senate leadership, Patty Murray and Debbie Stebenow.

3. The cool new pope Francis has announced he will be adding showers to the public restrooms in St Peters Square in order for the homeless to use. What a nice guy!

4. The University of Warwick’s rowing team has decided that this year’s calendar’s proceeds will benefit a charity they created called Sport Allies. After realizing that their nude calendars were a big hit with the LGBT community, the team decided that their next calendar should support LGBT youth. Way to be real men!

5. Students at Syracuse University are on Day 12 of their occupation of the institution’s administrative building. Led by the organization THE Student Body, they are asking for 11 principle reforms, including better health care and funding for scholarships.

6. Twelve countries made statements to the Human Rights Council (the governments of Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) condemning the illegalization of abortion by El Salvador.

7. Lambda Legal, the attorneys representing the case for same sex marriage against the sixth circuit court in Cincinnati , have officially requested the USSC to look at the case! Fingers crossed!

8. Kansas is allowing same sex marriage!!

9. Federal Judge strikes down same sex marriage bans in Missouri and South Carolina!

In bad news…

1. The only person ever charged in the rape of Rehtaeh Parsons has been given a slap on the wrist (attending a sexual harassment course and writing an apology letter to her parents). ): I feel for her friends and family at this time.

2. West Virginia Univ has suspended all frats and sororities after a student was found unconscious at a frat house. This comes in the same week John Hopkins suspended all greek activities after a young girl was raped at a frat party.

3. Columbia University has fined protestors $471 in cleaning fees attributed to their latest stunt. Supporters of Emma Sulkowicz have been carrying mattresses around campus in solidarity, until last week when they left them all on the president’s lawn as a sign of protest.

4. Native American women are still being denied access to Plan B, despite the Indian Health Services ruling to make it OTC and readily available.

5. On Tuesday, health officials in India reported eight deaths and nearly 70 more hospitalizations following sterilization procedures at a government run health camp.

6. The average NBA player makes 613 times what the average WNBA player makes in a year. Women athletes also give more away to charity on average as well.


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